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Effex teraz za free
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Wysłany: 2018-01-03, 22:11   Effex teraz za free

jak w tytule.Tylko Windows.
Подался в вольные художники

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Od autora

Hi everyone,
It's been ages since you heard from me I know, but this year was a very unfortunate one for me concerning my health state. An accident was life changing for me and I wasn't able to work (or do anything) due to that. But I don't wanna whine about my personal life, I am alive if you asked yourself.
In the meantime my whole work was compromised. My website is gone coz I had no chance to take care of it, C4D has moved on (great update btw) and I guess most people moved on as well.
My apologies to everyone who counted on Effex and its development. What I can say is that Effex' commercial development comes to an end. It won't be sold anylonger and I will move on doing other things in my life (not because I have to but because I want to).
I am very grateful for the last 15 years that I have spent with C4D and developed plugins that pushed my and C4D's boundaries and other developers to new levels of excitement and which taught me so many things.
I can't say I am totally cool with how the C4D community is evolving. I see people bashing others for whatever reasons so I am partly happy I don't have to deal with such people anymore but it was a fantastic time. And there is a huge bunch of great and talented people out there that help making C4D a total no brainer.
However a special thanks goes out to all the people that supported me and my development over the years, most of all my betatesters (you guys rock so much! Matthias, Christian(s), Daniel, Scott, Hans only to name a few. Thanks for everything!) but also my customers, resellers and friends. Couldn't have gone this path w/o any of you!
Anyway, I am now announcing that I will soon make the latest Effex version available for free to everyone! That's the good news. I hope to soon have some webspace up again to provide a link.
I may be developing and adding new stuff in my spare time to the Effex framework but don't count on it as I will be moving on in life but I am pretty certain that Effex will be up to the physical simulation task for quite a while in hope that it will be useful to the c4d community.
I hope to also soon have an email again so I can get in touch with the people that really cared for me and not only my work. I am grateful for all the support you have given me that I will never forget.
That's it for now. Stay tuned.
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