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FREE Photoshop free 3D view and exporter
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Dołączył: 28 Lut 2007
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Wysłany: 2015-12-19, 00:18   FREE Photoshop free 3D view and exporter

Automatically export your textures to common file formats (TGA, PNG, etc.) out of PSDs containing multiple maps.
Exporter panel overview

Quickly export textures from PSDs containing multiple maps organized in groups.
Compress multiple maps to a single texture by defining which Photoshop group you want to export in each image channel (RGBA). For example you can have an opacity map saved to the red channel and a specular map saved to the green channel of the same texture.
Multiple export formats supported: TGA, PSD, PNG, TIFF, JPEG.
Multiple export scaling options: 200%, 100%, 50%, 25%, 12.5%.
Filters: apply blur, sharpen, invert on export.
Normal maps: normalize normal maps or flip X/Y axes on export.
Settings are saved into the document as XMP metadata, so that you're immediately good to go as soon as you reopen the file.


Preview your textures in a realtime 3D viewport directly inside Photoshop.
Previewer panel overview

Preview your textures on primitives (sphere, cube, cylinder) or on custom OBJ models.
Blinn-Phong shader with support for diffuse, tangent space normal, specular, glossiness, emissive, and opacity maps.
Each map can be loaded from a Photoshop group or external file (TGA, PNG, JPEG).
Lighting supports a simple sky setup, with a sun light and a fill sky light. Viewport background color can be customized to fit your needs.
Unlit rendering is supported, too.
Camera supports a simple turntable animation and has FOV configurable using degrees or millimeters.
Basic post processing, with support for FXAA and vignette.
Screenshots of the viewport can be captured and saved to disk.
Settings are saved into the document as XMP metadata, so that you're immediately good to go as soon as you reopen the file.
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